Thursday, February 10, 2011

I realize there are no pics of the boys on here... there weren't any good ones :( I used the best pics
of Mallory and the animals and had plans to do a second page with a couple pics of Brady and Drew,
plus one of Mallory with Bryan.  But, when I started that page, it became obvious that I was only
doing it to "include" them, not because I thought the pictures should be scrapped.  So, I decided to just
stick with my original page... Incidentally, I only added the black outline to this layout to post it.  Because I left the background white (which I really struggled with!), it looked funny without 
something defining the outside edges.  I love this kit by Meghan Mullens (Wild About You) and hope to use it again soon!  I'm already thinking of asking Karen for a pic or two of Kate wearing 
her zebra outfit... LOL.

FYI - I also used this template by Julie Billingsley:

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