Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mallory's quilt

These pics aren't the greatest - I took them last night without any natural light... but, you get the idea!  I actually didn't expect to find any owl material that would "go" with what I've already purchsed, so I was happy to find this:
I esp. love it because it gives me more animals to paint!
Aren't the foxes too cute?

The pattern I've chosen starts with 9 squares - I'm
choosing to use 9 different fabrics (at least that's
the current plan)

After sewing them together into one big square, cutting
that square into four and rotating two of the remaining 
squares, here is what you get.
Not sure why, but I LOVE the green damask!  I only
bought enough fabric to try this with 4 inch squares, but
the quilt will actually have squares closer to 8 inches wide. 
This will allow more of the pattern on the animal print and 
damask to be visible.

Mallory's owl pillows with the fabrics - pretty good, right?

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