Sunday, February 6, 2011

I knew when I was working on this layout, it wasn't going to be one of my favorites.  That's o.k., though, they all can't be :)  Once I posted it, though, I liked it less and less each time I saw it on the screen.  As I was reading my latest post tonight, it dawned on me that the blue background was what was bothering me the most.  White seemed the logical choice as a replacement.  I did that, and it was better. But, then I thought, I bet notebook paper would be even better!  That led to me changing the journaling... in the end, though, I'm much happier with it after about another ten minutes of work.  

The original

Look at me - kit by Misty Cato
template by Cindy Schneider - Former freebies set #2
Both from sweetshoppedesigns, as usual!

My "revised" layout

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