Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We took the kids to the zoo on Sunday - seemed like the right thing to do since the weather was finally nice again!  We even stopped at Shipley's on the way out, so that we could just eat a snack at the zoo.  Maybe one day I'll be motivated enough to pack a lunch like other moms I see there... perhaps once Drew eats something other than crackers. LOL

Checking out the meerkats

Posing for Mommy

I took a picture of Drew and Brady with the komodo dragon
in this display.  Mallory then asked for a pic with the
waterfall... it's hard to see through the glass with
all the condensation, but who am I to argue?


Checking out the primates

Mallory was all about petting the animals.  She went
from one goat to the next, petting as many as she could!

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