Thursday, March 31, 2011

Australia, Day One

My mom and I arrived in Sydney on Monday morning, only to discover it had been raining for days.  Our original plan had been to do a bike tour of the city, but we axed that as soon as we saw what the weather was like.  We took a taxi to our hotel to find out (of course) that it was too early to check in.  So, we rifled through our luggage for some rain gear and headed down to Darling Harbor, which was a fifteen minute walk from out hotel.  First stop, Sydney Aquarium:

There were lots of cool lego displays, like this one -


Weedy Sea Dragon

Leefy Sea Dragon - would never have known this
was an animal if Mom hadn't been watching it.  It
literally looked just like seaweed.  

Mourning Cuttlefish

Warm weather penguins

A crappy picture of a dugong - he was so cool, though!

 There were two huge tanks that went over your head.
I saw the biggest ray I have even seen in my life.  I
didn't take a pic, knowing there would be no way
to get perspective of how BIG it was!

The size of this tank was amazing, so I left the 
people in to give an idea of how massive it was!

It cleared up some while we were in the aquarium,
so we made our way to the harbor and had some lunch.

After heading back to the hotel, we walked down to
Circular Quay (transportation hub) and took a ferry
out to Manly Beach.  You can see how the skies are 
getting worse again. By the time we made it down to
the beach, there was no visibility.  Disappointing!
I have many, many pics of the opera house 
(definitely better than this one) - but this was
my first view of it from the water.

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John Soenning said...

Nice shots...the different aquarium animals that you don't see around here were really cool! I bet the kids tackled you with hugs when you got home!