Thursday, March 17, 2011

Only two more days!!

I've gotten a lot of stuff done for my trip... unfortunately, I still need to do laundry tomorrow, vacuum the house, and pack!  I've definitely decided there is actually more to be done for the kids I'm leaving behind  than there is to do for myself. LOL  Grocery shopping, lists for grandma, clothes washed and organized, etc.

I took a ride around the neighborhood on Bryan's bike to make sure I still know how to ride one... can't even remember the last time I've ridden a bike. Especially one that wasn't at the gym.  I'm hoping the weather will hold out because the first thing on our agenda is a bike tour of Sydney.  I mentioned to Bryan that his bike is a piece of crap  it's a good thing we won't be riding for the whole four hours the tour lasts - can't imagine how sore I would be!  He mentioned how exhausted I will be by the end of our trip. After a lot of walking, snorkeling, white water rafting, and kayaking, I am sure he is right! Maybe I will be so tired that I will be able to sleep most of the 18 hours it takes to get home... ha!

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