Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Playdough is always a winner at our house.  The most popular
activity at the moment is cutting out the foods, shapes, etc. for
the mats that came in Mallory's Sesame Street set.

Over the weekend, our Geotrax collection was pulled out
of the boys' closet and set up in the dining room.  Drew and
Mallory have played with it quite a bit...

Mallory pulled Diego and Dora from her dollhouse
collection, and has been putting them in their "wagons".
Unfortunately, they don't always cooperate, and it is
HILARIOUS to listen to her...

"Don't do that, Dora!!" "Stop, Diego...stop!!" 
"Put your BUTT in there!!"
Not sure when she made the switch from "hiney" 
to "butt" - that's a fairly recent development. lol 

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