Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Australia, Day Six

We spent the day at Cairns Wildlife Safari Reserve.  The animals found here are not necessarily native to Australia, I think many of them came from places they weren't wanted anymore like zoos.  The reserve is huge - it would not be unusual to go to an animals' area/enclosure and not be able to see them.  Because of this, they suggest you follow the keepers around the reserve as they feed the animals.

We started off the day having breakfast with the lions.  To give you an idea of how close we were, these photos are true to life - no zoom when Bryan took them or cropping once they were on the computer.  The lions were to either side of us as we walked to the covered enclosure where breakfast was served.

I took this one while we were actually eating 
breakfast - I did zoom in and crop it.
The lions had started roaming farther away from us
since the keeper had no more food to offer. lol

Otters are so cute! They had two, named
Curly and Moe.

Having a snack - they eat 5-7 times per day.

The rhino wasn't as hungry. The keeper had already
fed him earlier in the day, and it took him a while
to entice him closer with a snack :)

Bengal tiger - no zoom here either, we were
standing right next to the fence.

This cheetah has only been at the reserve for
around 6 months.  Apparently, cheetahs are
very timid by nature - it is one of the few animals
that the keepers go inside the enclosure with.

Two brown bears - Huggy and Pooh
Hard to believe they beg just like my dogs!

Not sure I had ever seen hippos out of the
water, so that was cool.

A pygmy hippo - ever heard of one?
We didn't stay late enough in the day to
see them fed, so I was happy to see one at all!

Look closely - see the monkey hanging in the tree?

It's either this guy or his friend - they are
black handed spider monkeys

A sulawesi macaque

See his mohawk? He grew it after
the other monkey in the enclosure died,
leaving him to be alpha male.


Japanese Macaque

I really enjoyed everything we saw, but let me tell you - it was hot and humid!!  Not unlike home, unfortunately.  However, the next day we were back in Sydney and it was the coolest day while we were in Australia, so that was a pleasant change.

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