Friday, April 1, 2011

Australia, Day Two

Being the planner that I am, there was really only one day in our vacation that wasn't scheduled, and this was it!  When we woke up, it was still overcast... but a couple hours later, we could already see the skies clearing.  We decided to take advantage and do a climb of the Sydney Harbour bridge.  I discovered you could do this months ago, but had pretty much crossed it off my list because it is so expensive!  Not sure what turned me around, but it was a great experience, and my mom and I both thought it was worth the high price tag :)

You can't take your own camera, but they obviously
do a good job of taking pics as you make your
way up and back down the bridge.

It got warmer and warmer as we climbed, too much
like home, in fact!  My arm actually got sunburned
since I kept pushing the sleeve up. lol

Look carefully and you can see a group of 
climbers almost at the top - a little to the left of the flags

Later that evening, we made our way over to the Opera House.  We had tickets to see Carmen - I enjoyed it but will say I had trouble keeping my eyes open at a few different points.  This isn't that different from home, though!  Why I have no trouble staying awake for a movie but then get so tired at a musical, symphony, etc. is beyond me.  It's not like I'm bored!

Standing next to the Opera House, looking back
at Circular Quay

When the opera was over, it was raining... again!  At this point, we should have known to ALWAYS carry an umbrella.  Lesson learned.


Ms. Tabby said...

I think the opera and symphony are easier to fall asleep at because the music is more relaxing, and the pace is slower than what we find at the movies. :) It looks like an amazing trip.

Jill said...

that's true... maybe also because I'm not shoveling in the popcorn. lol