Monday, April 25, 2011


This year I finally remembered not to buy the dye kits with stickers... because I can never get them to stick!  We did two different things instead. The first was to dye eggs as usual and then paint them.  The second was to crack the eggs a bit, dye them, and open them up to discover "dinosaur" eggs.  I got the idea from  our best bites blog.  Next year, I will totally be doing the tie-dyed eggs - for some reason, I didn't see that post until it was too late!  

I remember Hannah sticking her tongue
out when she was little, too!

We opened the first three we had cracked to see
if the dinosaur eggs were ready yet.  Mallory wanted to
know if she could eat it. I'm certain she thought there 
was chocolate inside! lol

Voila...Dinosaur eggs!
(after they soaked in the dye overnight)

Easter morning - Mallory is still saying the
Easter bunny didn't come. I guess she 
expected to actually see him??  Doesn't matter
how many times I tell her he left
her basket and eggs...

Spent the day at my parents' house -
first spin in the "new" paddleboat

Three egg hunts today - one at home, one just for
the kids, one for the adults!

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