Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Final days in Australia

The day after arriving back in Sydney, we went on a tour of the Blue Mountains.  It was a pleasant surprise that the weather was much cooler, but also unfortunate that it was by no means a clear day.  We were, however, lucky enough to make it out there while there was still some visibility.

Three sisters

Katoomba Falls

Scenic cableway

On the scenic walkway, there were
several depictions of life back in
the mining days. My mom told Bryan
he should get on the horse and take 
a pic for the kids. lol

The visibility was poor enough at this point that we
scrapped the original plan to see Wentworth Falls
and hiked down to see theses cascades instead.

We were fortunate to see these at Blue
Mountain National Park!

Mommy and Joey

The next morning, Bryan and I got up at the crack of dawn to do a kayak of Sydney Harbor.  We were supposed to meet at the boat dock at 7:00 a.m.  By 7:15 a.m. we were seriously doubting anyone was going to show up! This was particularly disappointing because it was actually a clear morning, one of the few we saw.  By 7:25 a.m. we had decided to take the ferry back to the hotel.  We got a message later that morning - they had scheduled us in the computer correctly, but manually wrote our tour down in the calendar on the wrong date :(

After my mom left for the airport, Bryan and I headed over to the harbor bridge. Even though I was able to do the bridge climb, Bryan had not had the chance to walk across the bridge and see the views.  We made our way up to the Pylon Lookout and took a few pics from there.

Next, it was off to the Red Oak Boutique Beer Cafe for lunch.  Can you guess who suggested we go there? lol  We also planned to do a pub crawl that evening, but our server at Red Oak was full of suggestions, so we decided to scrap the tour and do our own thing.  

Bryan sampled some more beer at the Australian Hotel where we ate that night.  He had kangaroo pizza for dinner after discovering they were out of emu - I was happy with chicken :)  After that, we headed to Wine Odyssey, which was a little more my style.  I had the dessert wine flight - three white wines with three desserts.   The plan was to try one more beer back our hotel (which happened to also be a brewery), but Bryan decided he was at his limit.  He did squeeze in one more pint before we left the next day.

Lord Nelson Brewery and Hotel

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