Saturday, April 23, 2011

Finally... some progress!

I'm ready for a new house. One that is a blank canvas and I don't have to paint 58 coats of primer on the walls before I can paint a "real" color. And yes, I know it's my own fault because I'm painting over my own work.

I spent most of the week working to get Mallory's room primed. Not that I was surprised, but it takes several coats to cover up a dark brown chair rail and dark brown flowers!  I finally got the priming done yesterday and finished up the new color today, which is a very light yellow. So light, in fact, that Brady still thought it was white. Ha!

I let all three kids have a turn with the brush and roller, but I focused on taking pics of Mallory since this was her first time "helping."  Also, the other kids are getting a little old to display pictures of them in their underwear. lol

"Can I paint on the ladder??" Of course (I'm thinking), 
let's make this as difficult as possible!

Mallory hasn't been thrilled with the changes so far.  A few days ago she told me she wanted her flowers back.  I'm sure she's wondering why I keep promising her a tree, owls, butterflies, etc. and have yet to produce anything of the sort! After I finished the yellow today, I painted some "grass" on one of the walls.  She came right in and said, "I don't like the green."  Again, I promised her she would be very happy when it is all said and done!

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