Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A first for Brady...

Since I no longer have any babies in the house, "firsts" around here don't come nearly as frequently as they used to.   A few months ago, Brady saw a commercial for Bon Jovi and assumed they were coming to town.  I checked and found they would be coming to San Antonio, but it was two days before I would be leaving for Australia, so that clearly wasn't going to work! In case you're unaware, Brady was introduced to Bon Jovi through lego rock bank on the wii.  He was AMAZED when I told him that I used to listen to them and might still have some of their c.d's.  Both he and Drew love "You Give Love a Bad Name" and for xmas, they got me a Bon Jovi greatest hits c.d. which we listen to quite often.

Flash forward to a few days ago... I did a search on craigslist for "power rangers" and for some reason, it brought up a bunch of concert tickets for sale.  I saw Bon Jovi, and after some research, discovered that they had added some dates to their tour, one of which is Houston.  Needless to say, I was very excited!  It's certainly not the best timing, considering the concert is a school night and Bryan will be out of town.  I did find a friend to go with me, though, so we are taking Brady :)  I hate to leave Drew behind, but considering the concert doesn't start until 7:30 p.m., I've decided he is just too young.  I can't wait to tell Brady (of course that won't be for a while), and I'm so excited that his first concert will be one we can both really enjoy!

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