Sunday, April 10, 2011


Picking flowers (i.e. weeds)

Check out her Easter outfit and clippies... too cute!

"Can I hop?" she wanted to know.
If it makes you cooperate for pics, sure!

Enjoying her sucker - one of her gifts from Australia.
We didn't get any pics (which was dumb), but there was a 
candy shop in Sydney called Sticky. They make everything in
store and you can watch while they do it, very interesting! 

Some fun facts about Mallory at this age:
     * every time she gets something new, she will later report that she got it for Christmas (from Santa)
     * along those same lines, every time we called from Australia to talk to her, she would tell us about
        her new Dora house... which isn't new.  She loves it that much!
     * she has added "really, really" and "very, very" to her vocabulary.
     * she is already saying, "I never get to..." isn't it a little early for that?? She says it in a really whiney
        voice, too!
     * she really has no interest in going on the potty. She sat on it a few times this past week, which is
        an improvement over the many times I asked before where she flat out said no!
     * when she gets excited about something, she will jump up and down and yell,  "woo hoo!!"
     * when we go outside, she likes to play in the dirt and with rocks.... definitely more than her brothers
        ever did
     * has given up naps at home, but will take them at school
     * loves to brush her teeth and wash her hands
     * tells EVERYONE what to do but never admits to being bossy
     * has ten stuffed animals in her crib - when she is supposed to be going to bed, she will talk and sing
        with them and even put them in time out if they misbehave :)

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