Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Big Day!!

Warning: bathroom talk ahead...

Mallory peed on the potty today! She has been sitting on the potty regularly, at home and school, for probably three weeks now. But, this is the first time she's actually done anything :)  I was cooking dinner, and she let me know she was ready to eat.  I told her we had to change her pull-up and wash her hands first.  About five minutes later, I go to look for her. I stop by her room to see her pants and bows are on the floor, but no pull-up.  I go to my bathroom and discover her on the potty. She says, "I think some poopy came out." I look and discover she has actually peed in the potty!  She was excited that I let her use some toilet paper, and definitely was proud of herself once Brady and I made a big deal of it.  By the way, I asked where her pull-up was, and she said she threw it away (in her diaper champ).  Hopefully that's where it is because I haven't discovered it anywhere else.... yet. lol

She did get a little prize. Nothing I had planned, but I picked up a small Dora set at Walgreens today that was on sale.  I was going to put it away but decided to go ahead and give it to her to mark the occasion!

It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow...

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