Sunday, May 15, 2011

Friday Fun

This past Friday was Drew's preschool graduation.  Grandma came, which was good considering Bryan ended up working that day and the next.

Celebrating with his teachers

 Hard to believe he'll be in kindergarten
in the fall when he's not even 5 yet!

Later that afternoon, we headed to Putt Putt Fun House.  I had purchased some passes several months ago and was running out of time to use them.  Thankfully, Grandma didn't mind tagging along since Daddy wasn't available.

Brady was convinced he would beat me.
I won by 11 strokes - he owes me some type
of chore, which is yet to be determined. lol

Grandpa Farris would have been horrified
to see how Drew and Mallory were
swinging the club!

Mallory let me help, twice.  After that, she did her 
own thing - which mostly consisted of putting
the ball right next to the hole (not even an inch away)
 and hitting it in.

Mallory thought she wanted part of Battle Zone...

turns out none of us did because it involved getting wet!
Believe me, there were no smiles after that...

 Trying out some arcade games

Drew rode the bumper cars the first time and
opted to sit out when Brady went back.

This is more my speed!

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