Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hallelujah... it's done!

Presenting... Mallory's big girl room!  
Excuse the first crappy pic... but I wanted a full view 
of what you see when you look in from the hallway,
and this is the best I can get!

It will look even better when we take the side 
off the crib and can show off her quilt more :)

Over the changing table


I used two digital kits to make the canvases - Fall Forest by Heather Roselli and Falling for Her from Meghan Mullens.  I printed everything at home, and then bought a few flowers, raffia, and greenery to give it some dimension. I think, if asked, that Mallory would say she still likes her old room better.  Maybe with time, it will grow on her.  She does like the butterflies, though!

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