Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Two days and counting...

While Mallory and Drew have already been out of school for over a week, Brady still has two days left.  I am ready for him to be home - it works out more in my favor for Brady and Drew to play together rather than Drew and Mallory.  The younger two have been playing together much more recently, but once they get on each other's nerves, that's it!  Drew tries his best to assert himself with her, but it's a no win situation, in my opinion. lol

Next week, we start swimming lessons. No clue how that is going to go.  Brady will be fine.  I think Drew will be, too, just hesitant in the beginning.  I'm not even going to predict how Mallory will do.  I will be in the water with her... I don't think she would be willing to cooperate otherwise.  I am hoping there will be a few other kids in the class that set a good example for her :)

I haven't taken ANY pictures recently.  When I looked back, I did find a few of the kids helping out in the garden that I don't think I ever got around to posting last month. So, here they are!

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