Saturday, June 18, 2011


Let me preface this by saying that Drew is a SUPER picky eater, in case you didn't already know.  So, this evening, I put half a grape on his plate and told him he had to eat it.  HALF A GRAPE.  I also told him if he didn't eat it that he wouldn't be able to go to the pool with us after dinner.  He cried for a good ten minutes and had to go to his room to calm down.  When he was back in the kitchen, he came to my chair and gave me his puppy dog eyes.  While I did feel a little sad for him, I told him he still had to eat it.  I did, however, give him the choice of half a strawberry instead.  I also made sure he understood it would be larger than half a grape. lol  Ten minutes later, he decided to opt for the strawberry.  It took four bites and some more whining before he muscled it down.  This is why I choose to let him eat the few things he likes and not worry about it...  It's too stressful, otherwise!

When I went to Target this afternoon, I bought Mallory a pink bathing suit with a tutu attached.  I decided that it could serve as her leotard at her gymnastics party this summer.  When I got home, she took one look at it and said she wasn't wearing it.  This really surprised me, although I should also say that nothing she does surprises me, if that makes any sense! lol  After dinner, I asked her to try it on. She refused.  After some bargaining, I got it on her but she wasn't happy.  I promptly turned the t.v. on and found a Dora episode where she is doing ballet.  I kid you not, after literally 20 seconds of watching it and seeing Dora wearing a leotard, she was smiling and dancing around like a ballerina.  "I turned into Dora," she told me.  Ha!  Not surprisingly, she then agreed she should wear it to her party :)  A few minutes after we took it off, she told me, "I turned back into myself." Problem solved... for today, anyway!

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