Saturday, June 25, 2011

Highs and Lows

My days this week seemed to revolve around scrapbooking... much more than usual, anyway! I started the week finding out my page had made layout of the week.  A couple days later, I got an invitation from a designer at Two Peas to be on her creative team! I was super excited because it was SO unexpected - she saw my gallery at Two Peas and liked it enough to ask me to be part of her team.  For those that have no idea what this involves, it means that when she designs a kit (papers, alphas, embellishments, etc). she allows the members of her team to download it for free so that they can complete a layout showcasing the kit.  If I'm understanding correctly, I will have access to pretty much anything at her store, how awesome is that?  Anyway, I'm responsible for 3-4 layouts per month so I did tell her I would like to try it out for a month to see how it goes.  That doesn't sound like a lot, but I normally spend a minimum of 2 hours on a layout, and I don't scrap everyday.  After some trials and tribulation, I finally got her blinkie posted on my blog, so feel free to click on it and see her work - Edeline Marta Design :)

On to the lows!  I was almost finished with another layout of Reagan and Mallory when the file started acting crazy.  I was deathly afraid something was wrong with photoshop... which seemed really cruel given I had just received the creative team invitation.  So, I popped on over to the Sweet Shoppe forum and tried to describe the craziness that was going on.  Let me just say, I love it over there! One of my biggest fears getting in the whole digital thing was that I didn't have anyone to ask questions of.  The ladies over at Sweet Shoppe have really become my resource, and some of them know more about photoshop than I ever will!  Anyway, after a full day of trying their suggestions, one of the designers made a suggestion that allowed me to fix the problem.  I was so happy to have it fixed, not only because I was able to save my layout, but also to avoid this again in the future.  Not surprisingly, it came down to an error I had made, but this was much preferable to there being something wrong with the program! lol  My plan was to get the layout done and include it with this post, but I've been too lazy to finish it yet... maybe tomorrow :)

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