Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Today was Drew's first trip to the dentist.  I had Brady go first so Drew could get an idea of what he was in for.  He was a bit apprehensive but climbed up in the chair without complaint.  I was impressed with all the hygienist was able to do - x-rays, cleaning, and sealants on his bottom molars.  I was proud of him for doing such a great job, although I will admit that I didn't expect anything else! I think the hardest part for him was sitting still for that long. lol

Last night, Bryan took the side off of Mallory's crib.  I had been thinking of doing it for while, but decided it was definitely time after catching her trying to climb out the other day - she was supposed to be resting/napping.  She did pretty well.  After leaving her in there, she came to the door once saying she was thirsty.  I told her to go back to bed, and she did.  She was up for a while, but stayed in bed as far as I could tell.  I went back to check on her several times before I went to bed myself, and here are two pics of what I found -

After Bryan picked her up and put her back to bed, she stayed in bed the rest of the night.  Her brothers heard her this morning (a little before 7:00 a.m.) and let her out of her room.  I told Brady I preferred if he would let her come out on her own, so we'll see what happens tomorrow!

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