Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Household News

* I posted a movie on facebook of our family vacation - here's the link

* Drew and Mallory are officially signed up to play soccer in the fall.  They are both excited about it, although I'm sure Mallory has no clue what she's in for!

* Brady and I bought airplane tickets to visit Zack and family in October.  This is part of his birthday present, and he will not be having a party to offset the expense.  He was totally fine with that, by the way!

* The kids have decided to go with a 20's theme for Halloween.  For those that remember the saga from last Halloween, Mallory has decided that this year she IS willing to wear her flapper costume.  She tried it on with no hesitation and says she wants to wear if for Halloween.  The boys are going to be gangsters, complete with fake cigars and guns.  Are we politically correct or what? lol

Shakin' her groove thing 
She said no to a feather boa, but I am planning on adding a feather to her headband, and maybe some fishnet stockings if I can find them :)

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