Monday, August 1, 2011

In with the new!

We sold Mallory's crib and dresser last week and bought her a new set.  Unfortunately, the first bed we brought home was the wrong one :( I think it was the bed on the showroom floor right next to the one I wanted and the wrong number got written down.  So, the next day, Bryan went back to get the correct bed and take back the other one.  He came home again and started opening the boxes.  It was going fairly well until he tried to put the trundle together.  Apparently the pre-drilled holes were nowhere close to where they needed to be, so he had to re-drill most of them.  All I could do was do my best to stay out of it and keep the kids away. lol

I bought new drawer pulls (only one is on in the pic), 
so the bed would match the dresser better.  They were 
two separate pieces, not part of a set.

The bed definitely has a bit more orange in it than
the dresser, but overall, I'm happy with how they go together.

My only other comment would be that I wish the trundle would pull out and push in with less effort.  I'm happy to have the three drawers on the bottom and an extra twin bed, but the weight of all that on the carpet makes it difficult to pull the trundle in and out.

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