Monday, August 8, 2011

I've had a lot of fun scrapping our adventures this summer, esp. the time we spent with Bryan's family both here and on vacation.  I used to try to scrap everything chronologically, but lately I've given myself the liberty to just scrap whatever I'm most motivated about, keeping in mind the layouts I need to complete for my two design teams.  I always have a list going of what I want to complete.  Right now, the list starts in February of this year.  About half of the stuff on the list is done, which means there are still MANY layouts I have planned to do.  I find myself getting hung up on the monthly layouts.  I really want them to be part of my albums, but I'm not always motivated to get them done.  Also, it's hard to pick a kit to go with them because they include random pics from throughout the month.  To make a long story short, I've decided to try to simplify them.  In other words, make them mostly about the pics, and add just a bit of embellishing.

Right now, I need to complete February, April, June, and July. So, I've decided to go back and get all of those done before I start on my next "fun" layout.  Once Mallory's birthday comes, I'll be motivated to scrap that, so hopefully I can get these done quick. lol

To give you an idea -

I obviously still need to go back and add paper and embellishments, but I think you can see the focus will be the pics.  Most of my work is heavy on embellishment, so I think it will be a nice change :)

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