Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mallory's first day

As I mentioned, we went to meet Mallory's teachers last Friday.  I left not really knowing how well she would do when we returned for her first day today.  This morning she was enthusiastic about going and not very happy with me when we came back home after dropping her brothers off at school - she wanted to go right then!  There were a few moments when she wasn't so sure about going, but in general she kept a positive attitude, so I was optimistic.  When we got to the door, I had to nudge her a little bit, but once she was in... no problem! She ran right to her teachers and gave them their first day treats :)

I thought I could get away with using her Dora
backpack again, but no such luck. The lunchbox
had a stain on the back I didn't recall, and now that
she takes a towel to school for rest time,
I couldn't make everything fit!

Settling in...

Apple cupcakes for her friends - she was happy
to tell everyone she helped!

First thing I did with my newfound freedom was go grocery shopping - boo! But, then I went to the movies, so I guess that made up for it :)

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