Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Of note this week...

*Mallory's party is Saturday - she's pretty darn excited!  Since I'm not having it at the house, there's not much to do :)  I've been working on treat bags, and that's about it.

*With yet another unit down at work, Bryan is scheduled to work the night shift for the next few days.  Of course, he's already three days into sleeping during the day and staying up all night... but they have yet to need him (i.e. things are not going well).  He's been working at home instead.  I see this going into the weekend, which doesn't thrill me. lol

*I found a few Halloween items for the kids at Party City today - a cute feather for Mallory's hair and tommy guns for the boys.  I decided not to wait for fear they would be gone next time I went back...

*The boys are having a two night sleepover at Grandma Dinkel's house, tomorrow and Friday.  Mallory doesn't know yet, and I don't look forward to her reaction!  I do plan on taking her to the movies to see Winnie the Pooh, so hopefully that will soften the blow a bit.  Maybe I'll even break my own rule and let her watch Dora on the way home from dropping off the boys :)

*I have worked out a deal with Brady.  He may watch the last two Harry Potter movies (which are rated PG-13) after he finishes reading all seven books.  Considering he's almost done with #3, and #4 is somewhere around 700 pages, this should buy me a good amount of time!

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