Sunday, August 14, 2011

Party Day!

It always pays off to take a few pics at the house before we leave for the party... in all the craziness,
I normally forget to take pics of things I wanted or the kids are too tired, excited, etc. to cooperate!  In this particular case, I'm happy I took a pic of the cake at home.  Once we got it to the party, some of the icing was already starting to melt!

The treat bags I made - they are Dora's friend
Backpack, in case you're not up to speed with her show :)

The ever popular foam pit... except Mallory isn't
a fan. I think she got in once.  Most of her time was 
spent on the trampolines or in the bounce house.

One of the favorite activities at the party -
spinning around on this rope, then falling
into the pit.  Of course, Mallory wanted no part of it! lol

Another popular one - hanging from this bar
and falling in...

Time for cake!  Mallory was proud of herself for
blowing out the candles because last year
she was too afraid to do it.


She was pretty selective about which presents she wanted to open - it seemed like she was picking based on the bag or wrapping paper. lol  The biggest bag in the back had Tinkerbell, and she didn't want to open it for some reason.  Once she did, she was excited to see a Dora mermaid in there :)  Her last present from Grandma and Grandpa Farris was a Mickey Mouse tricycle.  She immediately wanted to ride it and was not happy with anyone else trying to touch it!

She has barely gotten off this thing since we brought it home, and I'm pretty darn impressed by how well she can already ride it!

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