Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A couple hybrid layouts

In case you were wondering, hybrid means mixing digital scrapping with elements of traditional scrapping. For both these layouts, I designed them on my computer, printed them, added the 5x7 pic, then added a few elements to finish them off.

This is the layout as it was printed...
The green rectangle was supposed to be 5x7,
but somehow it ended up a lot bigger :(

This is the finished product!  Cut some flowers I
printed separately from the same digital kit, attached
them with pop dots to give some dimension,
then decided to also add a piece of twine and
sticker to cover the center of the bow.
Under the Sea - Julie Billingsley & Kristin Cronin-Barrow
Inspired by Jacinda's layout here

Again, the layout as I printed it...

And, the finished product!

I cut a slit next to the filmstrip so I could
slide the 5x7 in (thanks to Karen for suggesting
that!).  Then, I added the fish and pail with pop
dots.  I love the metal wire I added to the pail, too :)
Sunbleached - Misty Cato

I am very happy with how these turned out!  While I love scrapping digitally, sometimes I still have pictures that I want to be a part of my pages that aren't in a digital form.  I don't have a scanner at home, so that's not a practical solution for me at this point.  

As I was putting these layouts away, I realized it would work out better in my album if I had another page to go with my Schlitterbahn layout, so I made this one today -

Sunbleached - Misty Cato
template from Scrapping with Liz
  (for the Scrap Orchard September Challenge)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My day

Took the boys to school. Came home.  Took Mallory to school, then went to exercise. Came home to shower.  Did some shopping and had lunch.  Picked Mallory up, came home.  Picked the boys up from school, came home.  Took Brady to karate, came home.  Picked Brady up, came home.  Took Brady to baseball practice, came home.  Picked Brady up, came home.  Are you tired just reading this?? I hope no one has any pressing homework... if so, there's going to be trouble!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Go Stingrays!

Mallory and Drew had their first soccer game this morning.  It went well :)  They were both exhausted by the end, and Brady was dripping with sweat even though he wasn't out there playing! lol

I've been around long enough to know I should
take some pics before the game, in case
they decide they aren't actually interested in playing!

Mallory participated the first minute or so...

After that, she mainly stood around and complained
about being tired.  I was happy that she spent
most of her time on the field, though, and didn't cry at all.

Taking a little "break"

Drew ran with the pack pretty much the whole game.
He got his foot on the ball a few times and almost
broke away with it near the end of the game.  If
only he were a little bit faster!!

A vast improvement over his first game
two years ago, I'd say!

September 2009

Back to today...

Here is the link to some video I posted on facebook -

Friday, September 23, 2011

On my own, day three

Woke up this morning with a horrible headache.  I took the boys to school, came back home, took some advil, and climbed back into bed.  Mallory let me stay there another two hours (with a couple interruptions, of course).  I rarely miss exercise on Friday, but I'm glad I choose to today because I felt a lot better when I got up the second time!

Later in the day, Mallory wasn't quite as delightful.  She smeared peanut butter on the couch after I left her alone at the table (which I do all the time).  Not sure what got into her!  A few hours later she sat down to color with some crayons and markers.  We removed her dress, just in case.  I literally turned my back for two minutes and she drew all over herself (hands, tummy and back) with the yellow and blue markers.  I tried water, rubbing alcohol, and nail polish remover but it's still going to be a few days before it's completely gone.  Thankfully, she didn't draw on her face at all, or I would be pretty upset considering her first soccer game is tomorrow morning!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

All about Mallory

A few random things I wanted to post... that all happen to be Mallory related :)

Monkey'n Around at Chick-fil-A
 Edeline Marta - Hellow Hellow
Page Formers 4 - Kimbroedelet Designs

It's fall!
Quickpage freebie from Jady Day Studio

 I pulled out Mallory's fall dress from last year - as cute as I remembered!
She is also sportin' some new ruffle tights... love them :)
I can't believe she agreed to wear that headband. lol

Her addition to the ensemble (they do actually match!)

Possibly my new favorite outfit -
a pair of jeans I bought at the consignment store and a ruffle
tank from etsy.  It's even cuter in person... can't quite see all 
the details on the jeans in the picture.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

On my own

One day down.  Fifteen to go!  Bryan finally managed to plan and actually go on his trip to Europe - Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, and a short side trip to Belgium.  He will be missing Drew and Mallory's first soccer game this weekend, among other things.

Today was pretty uneventful.  School, karate, and then I took the kids to Chuy's for dinner.  Thankfully, we had no homework to deal with.  Tomorrow will be busier.... haircuts after school, with just enough time to come home, eat dinner, and finish any homework before we are off to soccer practice.  I think the thing that wears me down the most is all the driving around! It's not actually going to karate, baseball, soccer, etc... it's shuttling everyone around to get to those places.  I shudder to think what it will be like once everyone is in school, a little bit older, and even more involved!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Razorbacks vs. Owls

Brady's second game was yesterday.  He played a lot better!  It was overcast most of the morning, so we debated over wearing sunscreen.  Of course, we decided we probably didn't need it and all ended up with some degree of sunburn.  Seems ridiculous, doesn't it??  Also, I'd like to give a thumbs up to the league for replacing sno cones at the concession stand with slurpees.  Sure, the kids can still make a mess, but they are a lot easier to eat in my opinion!

I didn't take my camera, but there was another parent snapping away...  The team mom organized a site on Shutterfly, so I was able to download these pics - sweet!

This is not Brady, just a pic of Bryan helping out :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Toy Overhaul

I always purge some of our toys each fall as I start Christmas shopping and thinking about where the kids will put all their new crap stuff!  But, I really had an urge yesterday to make a dent in the number of toys in our playroom.  While I love that we have a lot of storage, I also hate it because it allows the kids to hold onto tons of toys.  I decided to make three piles - things to sell, things to give away, and things to put away temporarily.  I think it's time for the play kitchen to go, so it's #1 on my list of things to sell.  In it's place we now have a new storage area for legos.

Bryan and I worked for a couple hours to
organize the legos.  This container has minifigure
pieces only... heads, hair, torsos, legs, etc.  
Brady & Drew had a field day today making new "guys"! 

Legos that are completely assembled 
have a place on the shelf.

I finally bought some more doll stands
to display the rest of Mallory's doll collection.

What I am giving away... so far.
I haven't touched the boys' room yet,
but don't plan to until they are at school. lol

Of course, this was a neater pile until Mallory made her way her through to play with things she hasn't touched in the last six months.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Go Razorbacks!

Brady's first baseball game was yesterday, and let me tell you - it was hot!! So much for the great weather we had last week... I took Drew and Mallory to the park tonight, and we got eaten alive by mosquitos.  Shouldn't we get a break from mosquitos when we aren't getting any rain?? But, I digress.

Brady hasn't played baseball since his last game in the spring, and it showed.  He struck out his first at bat, which was pretty disappointing considering he didn't strike out at all the whole spring season.  He did get two hits, so overall he thought he had a pretty good game.  I feel that we have reached the point where his natural talent isn't going to carry him through anymore - he's got to practice!  Of course, that's easier said than done with school, homework, karate, etc.

Brady and Bryan are at the Astros' game tonight - hoping to get a chance to see Hunter Pence play since the Phillies are in town.  I thought it was wise to leave Drew at home, and he didn't seem too inconvenienced, so it was definitely the right decision :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Learning to Ride

Brady has been doing well learning to ride his bike.  By our third time out, he could already ride unassisted if Bryan got him started.  Our fourth outing was definitely more frustrating for him - he is having trouble getting the hang of starting on his own.  I think it's probably only going to take another time or two for him to get that down, too.

I posted this clip on facebook.  You can see Brady riding, with Drew doing his best to keep up!  Mallory tries to keep up, too, but it's impossible for her to go as fast on a tricycle.  I think Santa will be bringing her a "real" bike for Christmas :)

Brazos Bend State Park

Bryan has taken the boys camping at Brazos Bend a few times.  He decided to take the kids for the day yesterday, not knowing whether or not there would be time this fall for a camping trip.  Makes it difficult when we have a soccer game on Saturday and baseball game on Sunday pretty much every weekend...  This was Mallory's first time visiting the park with her brothers.  She had fun, but apparently got tired of the hiking pretty quickly!

Mallory was willing to pet the
baby gator, but wanted no part of
touching the snake!

Exploring the Nature Center


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Peace and quiet

Bryan took the kids out this morning, and I stayed at home :)  I was feeling guilty about choosing to say behind until I remembered that he will be out of town for two weeks later this month...

Instead of sleeping in, I got up and scrapped!  Here's what I just finished -

I bought this kit from Andilynn Designs back in July but hadn't gotten around to using it yet.  A few days ago, I got my Scrap Matters newsletter in my inbox, and there was a layout using the kit that I loved! So, I copied it... here is the link to Wendy's layout Celebration on the Freeway.

Here's another layout I finished up this week.  Can't say enough how much I adore this Easter kit by Jady Day Studio!  Could the little animals be any cuter??


Spring into Easter - Jady Day Studios
Double Album templates II - Scrapping with Liz

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Soccer Practice

This evening was Drew and Mallory's first soccer practice.  They were both really excited about it and kept asking when it was going to be time to go :)  I had lots of fun watching them!

A few stretches to get warmed up

Drew was enthusiastic from the moment practice started -
no whining at all from him, which is pretty much a miracle. lol

Mallory was so proud of herself when she
finally got her foot to stay on the ball.  It literally
took her at least ten tries :)

I thought she did really well considering kicking
around a soccer ball is pretty much a foreign concept to her.

Of course, there were several moments like this, too.

Can anyone say attitude??

We have two more practices before games start on the 24th.  I think Drew will do well in the first game, but I'm less certain about Mallory.  I think the chaos will be a little much for her until she gets used to it - there is really no way for her to understand what a game is going to be like until she experiences it for herself!