Monday, September 12, 2011

Go Razorbacks!

Brady's first baseball game was yesterday, and let me tell you - it was hot!! So much for the great weather we had last week... I took Drew and Mallory to the park tonight, and we got eaten alive by mosquitos.  Shouldn't we get a break from mosquitos when we aren't getting any rain?? But, I digress.

Brady hasn't played baseball since his last game in the spring, and it showed.  He struck out his first at bat, which was pretty disappointing considering he didn't strike out at all the whole spring season.  He did get two hits, so overall he thought he had a pretty good game.  I feel that we have reached the point where his natural talent isn't going to carry him through anymore - he's got to practice!  Of course, that's easier said than done with school, homework, karate, etc.

Brady and Bryan are at the Astros' game tonight - hoping to get a chance to see Hunter Pence play since the Phillies are in town.  I thought it was wise to leave Drew at home, and he didn't seem too inconvenienced, so it was definitely the right decision :)

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