Saturday, September 24, 2011

Go Stingrays!

Mallory and Drew had their first soccer game this morning.  It went well :)  They were both exhausted by the end, and Brady was dripping with sweat even though he wasn't out there playing! lol

I've been around long enough to know I should
take some pics before the game, in case
they decide they aren't actually interested in playing!

Mallory participated the first minute or so...

After that, she mainly stood around and complained
about being tired.  I was happy that she spent
most of her time on the field, though, and didn't cry at all.

Taking a little "break"

Drew ran with the pack pretty much the whole game.
He got his foot on the ball a few times and almost
broke away with it near the end of the game.  If
only he were a little bit faster!!

A vast improvement over his first game
two years ago, I'd say!

September 2009

Back to today...

Here is the link to some video I posted on facebook -

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