Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day weekend

We had no real plans for the long weekend.  The boys were thrilled to have an extra day off of school.  It's really cutting into their ipad, computer, wii, television, laying around the house time. lol  Of course, we were looking forward to the cooler weather and tried to take advantage of it.  We took our "bicycles" around the block a couple days... Brady is seven and still doesn't know how to ride a bike without training wheels.  Considering he hasn't ridden it since the summer started, I guess that's not too surprising - it just has never been a priority.  Anyway, I told him that he really needs to learn! He's just not super motivated with karate, baseball, and all the other things he would rather lay around the house doing (as mentioned above!).

Playing some Lego Rock Band

Our last trip to the pool for the summer...

The water was pretty chilly, but they didn't care!

Mallory's new Mickey Mouse tricycle is staying
in the house indefinitely.  She rides it everyday, so 
it doesn't seem wise to take it outside.

Drew's first time on a bike - he did better than
I had expected.  He wasn't too keen on the
idea at first, but after one trip around the block,
he was really enjoying it :)

Bryan gets quite the workout running alongside Brady!
Our (i.e. my) goal is for him to learn to ride 
on his own by the end of the month.  Right now
the incentive is a trip to Marble Slab, but we may 
have to kick it up a notch... we'll see.

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