Thursday, September 8, 2011

Soccer Practice

This evening was Drew and Mallory's first soccer practice.  They were both really excited about it and kept asking when it was going to be time to go :)  I had lots of fun watching them!

A few stretches to get warmed up

Drew was enthusiastic from the moment practice started -
no whining at all from him, which is pretty much a miracle. lol

Mallory was so proud of herself when she
finally got her foot to stay on the ball.  It literally
took her at least ten tries :)

I thought she did really well considering kicking
around a soccer ball is pretty much a foreign concept to her.

Of course, there were several moments like this, too.

Can anyone say attitude??

We have two more practices before games start on the 24th.  I think Drew will do well in the first game, but I'm less certain about Mallory.  I think the chaos will be a little much for her until she gets used to it - there is really no way for her to understand what a game is going to be like until she experiences it for herself!

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