Sunday, October 23, 2011

Celebrating Brady's birthday

Thursday was Brady's actual birthday.  I went to eat lunch with him at school and brought cupcakes for the class.  He opened presents after Bryan got home from work, and he chose pizza for dinner.

Notice the excitement on BOTH their faces!

A fancy new beyblade

The next day, we went out to celebrate.  He picked one of his friends from school to go with us - blizzards from Dairy Queen after school, then Putt Putt Fun House and finally, dinner at Fuddruckers.

Unfortunately, we didn't actually play putt putt because we were scared of getting eaten alive by mosquitoes :(  But, the kids still had lots of fun!

Today, both sets of grandparents came to Brady's baseball game and then back to the house for cake and presents.  I had fun decorating the table for a Harry Potter theme.  I couldn't find a cake I liked enough, so I ended up buying a small lego set that Brady wanted and used it to decorate the cake.  He thought that was pretty cool, so I did well :)

Next on his list - a trip to Toys R Us to spend the birthday money that is now burning a hole in his pocket!

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