Saturday, November 12, 2011

Advent Calendar

A thread in my favorite scrapbook forum motivated me to get to work early on my advent calendar.  The past two years, we bought a lego one for the boys.  While they loved it, I wasn't so thrilled that this year's edition is Star Wars.  While they would be excited about that, I was concerned that it would contain repeats of many things we already own.  So, I was on the search for something different.  I had bought an advent calendar from one of the designers at the Sweet Shoppe, but wasn't sure if I would use it for myself or as a gift.  After reading some of the ideas in the forum, I decided to use it to document all the fun things we were going to do leading up to Christmas... as opposed to just getting a treat/toy every day.  Here's how it turned out -
Frageelay Advent Calendar - Libby Pritchett

Here is our list:
1.  Watch a xmas movie and eat strawberry santas 
3. Write letters to Santa
5. Buy a new Christmas movie or book
6.  Buy Angel tree or Toys for Tots gifts
7. Color Christmas mugs (got one for each kid at Michaels, comes with several inserts)
8. Watch a xmas movie and drink hot chocolate
9. Make ice cream cone trees (put green frosting on a sugar cone turned upside down, add xmas colored  
10. Sponge artwork (cut xmas shapes out of kitchen sponges and dip in paint)
11.  Visit the Festival of Lights
12. Gumdrop snowflakes (start with a large gumdrop, add 6 toothpicks to get the snowflake shape, then
                                          skewer smaller gumdrops onto the toothpicks)
13. Build a gingerbread house
14. Make Christmas cards for teachers
15. Watch a xmas movie and eat candy canes
16. Make reindeer ornaments (found at Michaels, made out of bells)
17. Make reindeer fingerprint cards (to mail)
18. Have a Christmas treat
19. Wrap presents
20. Kids make a xmas scrapbook page for our family album 
21. Explore xmas in other countries
22.  Take a drive and look at xmas lights
23. Make cookies
24. Leave reindeer food and cookies for Santa
25. Celebrate Christmas!

I put everything on a calendar and will rearrange activities as necessary!  Also, in case you were wondering, there are three xmas movies on the list so that everyone can have a chance to pick :)

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Paisley Petals said...

Good, I came looking for your list since I'm working on mine! lol