Thursday, November 17, 2011

A few things to share from this week...
This is Brady's third year in a row to win the "respect" character trait award in his class at school.
While he wouldn't win any such award at home right now, I am still grateful his attitude at school 
is exemplary.

Here we are working on cupcakes for 
Mallory's Thanksgiving lunch at school. 
To say she was eager to help would be putting it mildly!

Our owl cupcakes - so cute, right?

The pitiful number of Oreos I could get that looked decent...

The trash pile was much larger! LOL  
I think part of the problem was that I had the 
oreos in the panty for a week - they were way 
too soft to pull apart easily.  Lesson learned :)

Drew has been on an art kick this week...

He has drawn picture after picture of his beloved Power Rangers.

I love that he is starting to label his drawings.  It is
so amazing how much they learn the first few months of kindergarten!
This afternoon, he asked me for his own scrapbook to keep
his pictures in :)  It warmed my heart to know he understands
that our scrapbooks are special, and that having his own
would be a good place to store his precious drawings. 

Last, but not least - Mallory's first trophy!
I was pretty upset to realize I didn't get a good pic of Drew and Mallory together with their trophies :( Perhaps we will put our soccer shirts back on tomorrow and try again. LOL  Mallory was the first to get her trophy tonight at the team party, and she thought that was great!  The way she was handling it, I was really afraid it was going to get broken before we made it home.  So far, so good. But, I need to find somewhere to put it that she can't reach!

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