Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy turkey day!

Pretty cute veggie tray, right?
Not my idea - found it through pinterest

Not quite a traditional Thanksgiving activity,
but they had fun....

Bryan's mom offered to have Thanksgiving at
her house - I don't turn down those kinds of offers :)

Here's what Mallory thought of the mashed potatoes -
no offense, Mary! She has never liked them.

I had a difficult time getting this pic - she didn't
want the turkey to be in the picture. LOL

Playing a little football with Grandpa Farris


Enjoying his pumpkin pie

Settling in at home to watch the game

Brady has really become interested in football the last few weeks.  He was pumped about watching the Aggie game and cut his wii time short to make sure he didn't miss the kickoff :)  While I would have liked a better ending, it was still fun watching the game with him.  Bryan was at the game with my dad and brother, so it was just he and I watching at home.

Speaking of Aggie football - here are a few pics from Drew's first game:

Drew certainly doesn't have the attention span to sit through a whole game.  In fact, I would estimate he watched 5-10 minutes before moving on to other activities. LOL  I brought him several things to do, and he worked on those happily for most of the first half.  I was a little disappointed that he didn't seem too interested in the band at half time, but to be fair, we had already been sitting there at least an hour and a half at that point.  He made it through most of the third quarter with a sno cone, and then we opted to leave since it actually looked like we couldn't lose the game at that point...

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