Saturday, December 10, 2011

Festival of Lights

Today's activity was to visit the Festival of Lights.  The past couple years we went to one about 10 minutes from the house.  This year, I thought it would be fun to try the one at Moody Gardens.  While I didn't ask Bryan's opinion, I'm certain that next year he will vote for the one closer to home.  I wasn't prepared for how crowded it would be!  We got there within 15 minutes of it opening, but several of the parking lots were already full, and the ticket lines were long. Although, I will say that the lines were even longer when we left...  The displays were neat, but probably not enough for us to go back since it's not that close to home and we much prefer to not deal with the crowds!  They had a snow zone that I was hoping would be fun for the kids, but we opted not to do it once we saw the area.  It was small, and the snow was very slippery. Plus, the kids in there were on the older side and throwing snow balls in every direction.  I know Brady wasn't happy about that, but I was afraid that once Drew and Mallory got in there they wouldn't like it, and we would be out the ticket money.  If it had been free, no problem :)

If I remember correctly, she wasn't
allowed to stand where she wanted...

Ahh, much better! Although she cried after seeing
Dora, too, because she wanted more than one picture.
It's hard to win with a 3 year old, I tell you!!

The kids don't know it yet, but Bill and Mary are coming tomorrow afternoon for our first gift exchange. I think they'll be a bit excited :)

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