Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Christmas Fun!

Jingles has been naughty again. LOL  Three morning ago, the kids found him face down in a bag of chocolate chips.  They were dying to see his mouth, so here is how he appeared the next morning -

Then, this morning he appeared on the Christmas tree - along with some of the boys' underwear :)

Yesterday, our advent activity was to decorate our gingerbread house.  As usual, I picked up a prebuilt one to make my life easier!  I was actually surprised how well the kids got along as they were working.  There wasn't nearly as much whining, complaining, bickering, etc. as there usually is when we all try to sit down and do something together.

Cutesy Christmas - Meg Mullens
Half pack #26 template - Cindy Schneider

Today was Mallory's Christmas program and her last day of school.  I never get any great pics where they do the program, so I didn't even take my camera.  I did shoot some video, so I need to take a look and see if any of it is worth posting.  She did sing along... about half the time, I would say.   Tomorrow, the boys both have their Christmas parties at school.  I finished up their teachers' gifts, and the boys worked on their cards tonight.  I did something similar to last year - a fun Santa pail with goodies inside.
 The one thing I made is a post-it holder for each teacher.  I bought a 4x6 acrylic frame, post-it notes, and designed the background in photoshop as I would a regular layout, just on a much smaller scale.  I think they turned out cute!

Last, but not least, is another layout I finished this week.  I hadn't scrapped anything for myself in quite a while, and I was happy to get back to it!  If you have gotten your Christmas card, these pics will look familiar :)

Peppermint Stick - Melissa Bennett
Cindy's layered templates - set 107 Photo Focus 3