Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

The kids went to bed last night around 9:30, after sprinkling reindeer food on the lawn and leaving out milk and cookies for Santa.  They were all up this morning by 6 a.m.  I fully expected the boys to be up that early but I had hoped Mallory might sleep in a bit since she went to bed so late...

A few pics to share -

Time for church!

Brady took this pic - not too shabby!

A few presents...

Excuse the crappy photo... having some camera issues :(

Santa brought Brady this Paper Jamz guitar...
Mallory loves it!

So excited about his Megabloks Power Rangers!

Santa brought Mallory a bike, complete with a doll
carrier on the back :)

My new Christmas tree

Love these star ornaments! I bought a few and then
asked for some more for Christmas.

My Waterford ornaments - so pretty all lit up!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Cookies for Santa

We made gingerbread men for Santa today.  Well, technically, we made three cookies for Santa and are keeping the rest for ourselves. LOL  Each kid got to cut out and decorate six cookies.  I didn't get any pics of the cookies before they were baked, for one very good reason.  The dough got warm fast - so quickly that I didn't have the time to spare! I put it in the freezer and rolled just enough out for six cookies.  Even then, I still had trouble getting the darn things off the counter... and yes, I used flour.  

My hands are dirty, what should I do??

Brady's men

Drew's men

Mallory's cookies - she let me do the frosting and sprinkles
and was very content to decorate with m&m's.  Of course,
she was very explicit in her instructions and I did as I was told.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Today our advent activity was for the kids to make their own scrapbook page.  I figured that Jingles would be a good subject since they have really enjoyed looking for him each morning since he arrived :)  Brady and Drew agreed and helped me select the pictures we would use.  I printed out the pictures and a template (for some guidance) and gave each of the boys a page.

Mallory was happy to stamp while her brothers
were working on the background of our layout.

Brady did pretty well with my trimmer, while
Drew used his scissors.

Drew's side of the layout before Mallory
got her paws on it...

Mallory's turn!

I let her go through two packages of stickers before
I called it quits.  Apparently she was in a good enough
mood that it didn't cause a meltdown. LOL

The finished product will be in our family album, along with this layout I did -
Magical Christmas - Jady Day Studio & Studio Flergs
Litabells Designs template - Duets vol.2

Overall,  our project went pretty smoothly and the kids definitely enjoyed it.  Looks like it will make it back on the advent calendar next year...

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas, round two

Drew seemed surprised to get his Mega T-Rex from 
Grandma & Grandpa rather than Santa...
I assured him he wouldn't get another one from
Santa since Jingles is reporting back every night :)

Mallory couldn't be bothered to take any pictures,
so her brothers stepped in.

Reveille (the pillow pet) got a frosty reception.
If she doesn't warm up to her, Reveille may
become my pillow pet. I bet Mallory would want her then!

Brady said that his books were his favorite gift.
He read the third Diary of a Wimpy Kid in less than 24 hours!

Both Grandma and Grandpa got calendars with pics of the kiddos.

Woo hoo! Rock Star Mickey!
I guess this pic was ok because I didn't consult
her first and ask her to look at the camera...

Mallory is more than willing to help open presents... even if 
you don't require assistance. LOL

So proud of his latest lego build!

A layout with pics from our gift exchanges so far, plus a few pics from the kids' parties at school.


All Year Long, December - Meg Mullens and Cindy Schneider

By the way, I got some awesome gifts, too... just don't have any pictures to show!  I need to get a shot of my new rings, but that would require my hands and nails to look decent, so maybe not.  Here are the images from online - I got two of the sparkly bands, plus the Gig 'Em band to wear in the middle.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Brady's Big Day

Today was Brady's All Star Camp at Hunter Pence's baseball academy.  Earlier in the year, I had looked at him attending one of their summer camps, but the timing didn't work out.  I did subscribe to their emails, though, and got one several weeks ago about this All Star Camp.  When I discovered that Hunter would actually be part of the camp, I was eager to learn more.  The only drawback seemed to be the price :(  We decided we couldn't pass it up, not knowing if Brady would ever have such an opportunity again.

They spent the morning going to several different stations, where they worked on a different skill at each.  When I asked, Brady said his favorite part of the day was the station where he got to work with Hunter.  At lunchtime, all the instructors got together to put on a home run derby while the kids watched.  Brady was quick to tell me that Hunter won :)  After that, they had a Q&A session with Hunter, then an opportunity to get a picture taken with him and have a couple things autographed.  Brady took his Astros jersey and also ended up getting a baseball signed by all the instructors.  He also won a bat for answering a trivia question correctly earlier in the day.

Bryan took a few pics of the home run derby and Brady getting his things autographed.  A photographer was there all day taking pics, so I look forward to seeing those... esp. the one of Brady and Hunter together.

This morning, I heard the firetruck outside the neighborhood and knew that Santa would most likely be driving by soon.  The kids were pretty excited to see both the Grinch and Santa :)

Bryan had the camera with him, so I neglected to take any pics of the ornaments we painted this afternoon for  our advent calendar.  But, I did take a few yesterday of the gumdrop snowflakes we made.  Excuse the marshmallow in the center... I was too cheap to buy 50 large gumdrops when I only needed three. LOL

I also took a picture of Jingles today - Mallory was thrilled to wake up and discover that he was in her room!