Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas: captured through the lens

I've had some fun the last two days going through the first couple lessons in my latest photography class by Katrina Kennedy.  One thing I learned really quickly - the placement of my tree stinks for pictures.  Sure, it looks nice from outside, but the buffet is totally in the way because it sticks out so far on the wall.  Maybe my next house will have the perfect place?  This location was really good when the kids were younger... out of sight, out of mind for them, but I would see it everytime I was in the kitchen or driving up to the house.

First assignment - creating bokeh (blurred lights)
This is definitely an artistic look. It's fun to see the different effects you can get.
How awesome is it that I just bought this tree last month and the lights near the top
are already out?? Bummer!


Creating starbursts

My living room tree

Something else fun to play with - zooming in and out
with the focus ring on the lens while the shutter on the camera is open.

Now, let's add some people!
I wish this one of Drew was in better focus, but I still love it :)
He was playing on his ds while I fiddled with the camera settings.

These last two are probably my favs!

I also tried to get a silhouette of Brady next to the tree but I wasn't thrilled with how any of those came out... maybe next year. lol

Friday, December 28, 2012

Projects, projects, projects

It seems there are a million little projects I would like to get done while the kids are out of school.  Now I realize I can still do these things once school starts back, but I'm at home a lot more with the kids out, so shouldn't I be able to get a lot done?? lol

Of course, number one should be taking down Christmas... but it isn't.  Why? Because not only did I get a new camera lens for Christmas, I also signed up for a holiday photography class.  So, my goal is to at least go through a few of the lessons before I take everything down next week.  Other projects on my list - 1. scrapping Christmas 2. organizing Christmas cards 3. updating Project Life 4. finding homes for new toys 5. donating more stuff!  Let's not forget that the house needs to be cleaned and the laundry done, as well :(

Today, I decided to work on #3.  I had the motivation to do it, so might as well take advantage!


What stinks is that after I printed the cards out, I realized that my printer is almost out of ink.  If you look at the first pic, you can see how the green card is two different shades... ugh! So, I'm going to have to print out a few of my cards again once I get new ink.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas, round 2

Mallory dressed up Grandma's gingerbread man

I'm ready!!

Just what I wanted - Bouncy! I hope Santa doesn't bring
me another one...

Football and baseball cards from Uncle Bart

Checking out Grandma's new calendar

This was a hit... not only a Captain America shield, it
also shoots darts

Their big gifts - a mere 800 pieces each

By 10 a.m. this morning, Brady is already this far along...
not sure what time he was up, but I know he was working on it by 8 a.m.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Party time!

The boys had their Christmas parties at school today.  I left Mallory at home with a sitter - let's just say she wasn't too pleased about that... she was hiding in her tent when I left, but I guess that's better than clinging to my leg!

Brady's party was pretty much first thing this morning.  The room mom had the idea to make waffles, and frankly, I thought she was crazy! lol  But, the kids did enjoy it.

Brady with his best friend and teacher

Opening his book from the exchange

Drew working on his reindeer candy cane :)
The younger grades have parties where the kids rotate
from table to table, working on different activities.

One of the best stations - cookie decorating (and eating, of course!)

Making a snowman out of fingerprints

Drew's book exchange

Class pic - it's never easy to get them to all look in
the same direction, much less stop moving and smile!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas - round 1

Bryan's parents came over yesterday to exchange gifts.  Of course, the kids were very excited to open presents, and Mallory had very little patience as far as waiting her turn!  She helped anyone and everyone that was willing to let her :)

Not in the mood for smiles today...

Trying out their new lazer guns

I'm finished!!

My Disney scrapbook/album -

Friday, December 14, 2012

Cookies and Christmas Trees

Earlier this week, I took the boys to Barnes & Nobles for the Bauerschlag book fair.  They each participated in the program - Drew read a "how-to" book he had written and his letter to Santa and Brady had a part in the 3rd grade reader's theater.  Mallory opted to stay home with Daddy, and I suggested they make cookies.

The following day was Mallory's Christmas party at school.  The parents basically stood around and watched the kids eat pizza and made a special treat - a christmas tree.  You start with an ice cream cone, frost it with green icing, then add "ornaments"... in this case, they used m&m's.

Hey look, a telescope!

There wasn't much to the party, but Mallory appreciated that I was there :) I asked if she wanted to come home with me afterwards, but she decided she would rather finish the rest of her school day.