Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Spent the last two days scrapping...

I just finished this:

Fall Forest - Heather Roselli
Falling for Her - Traci Reed & Melissa Bennett
A little snippy alpha - Julie Billingsley
template by Jacinda

I had another layout started first, but I couldn't finish working on it because the papers wouldn't download for me.  I ended up installing a different browser on my computer, and they downloaded through it without a problem. Go figure! I've bought plenty of stuff from the Sweet Shoppe and that's the first time I've run into that...

I browsed through Cracker Barrel today and came home with this:

I totally bought it so I would be justified in buying this new kit:

Hopefully Mallory won't turn her nose up at it!! She seems to be getting pickier with what she is willing to wear... no real surprise there!

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