Sunday, February 19, 2012

Latest and greatest

I was quite surprised when I went back to my blog and discovered I had never posted any pics from when Bryan and his dad took the boys camping in November. I guess between my 30 days of thanks and December advent activities, I totally forgot!  I was coming back to the blog to help me with the journaling on my layout, so I decided to ask the boys for their help instead.


Half pack 23 and set 107 templates - Cindy Schneider
Rawr - Melissa Bennett
Blissful stitches - Traci Reed

The next two pages I finished are using the kit from my blog - Love Birds by Zoe Pearn and Shawna Clingermann.  I actually didn't have any particular fondness for the kit when it was first released, but I saw some layouts in the Sweet Shoppe gallery that really caught my eye.  Now that I have it, I love it!  Be sure to click on both of these and read the journaling :) 

Mallory had a grand time splashing around in
some puddles with her rain boots on.

Mallory and her BFF

Both of these are based on Page Maps sketches.  The second one is a current contest and can be found here.

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