Sunday, March 25, 2012

Let the games begin!

We are four games in to Brady's baseball season.  It hasn't been a stellar start.  We have lost three and tied one.  Brady hasn't quite hit his stride either.  He has done a pretty good job of fielding and running the bases, but he's had a hard time at the plate.  Hopefully as the season goes on, his confidence at the plate will improve.  It's difficult for him because he really cares, whereas many of the kids on the team don't care one way or the other.  If he strikes out or doesn't field a ball the way he thinks he should, he gets very discouraged and has a hard time shaking it off.  As Bryan tells him, he needs to have short term memory.

A couple pics before the game...

Mallory sportin' her new baseball dress.
She got lots of compliments :)

Brady got a hit in the first inning and scored.

A few innings later...

Drew and Mallory have had two soccer practices already, and their first game is next Saturday.  I think Drew is looking forward to it, I'm not sure Mallory cares. LOL  She told me yesterday, "At practice, I make my own water breaks."  Translation - the coach doesn't give enough water breaks, so she takes her own!  Why am I not surprised?

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