Sunday, April 22, 2012

Go Brady!

Our soccer game yesterday morning was cancelled due to the rain on Friday.  Brady's baseball game went ahead as scheduled.  I was a little concerned given one of the better players on our team just broke his arm this week, and we have only won one game this season.  However, it was an awesome game! The other team scored the first three runs, but we came back a couple innings in and ended up winning :)  Brady made a great play and threw out a kid at home plate from center field... everyone was amazed, I even heard the coaches on the other team talking about it.

He spent two innings in the outfield not seeing any action... until I moved away from the fence and set my camera down.  That's when it came to him and he made the great throw - sounds about right, doesn't it?  Heck, at least I was watching - if I had been in the bathroom with Mallory, I would not have been happy. lol

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