Friday, June 29, 2012

Fishing at the Aquarium

Fishing Adventures - Lliella Designs
Scrapping with Liz - Mix & Match Double Templates 2
Paint Wash - Julie Billingsley
Blissful Stitches - Traci Reed

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Layout Love

One of the things I love most about scrapping digitally is the ease of sharing my work with others who can appreciate it :)  It's so fun to open my email and discover that someone has made a kind comment about a layout I recently posted in a gallery, and it's always exciting if a layout has been featured on a designer's blog... like today!

My aquarium layout on Kristin Cronin-Barrow's blog -

My Astros layout on Penny Springmann's blog -

I finished up a 2 pager last night from Drew's party day.  When he came to give me a hug and kiss before going to bed, I was just finishing up.  He was so busy looking at the computer screen trying to see the layout that he lost sight of why he was back here! lol


Ruffled Feathers - Meg Mullens & Traci Reed
Creative blocks templates - Shawna Clingerman

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Go Astros!

We took Mallory to her first Astros game today.  She did about as I expected - paid almost no attention at all to the game, but occupied herself with snacks, her sticker book, and the ipad.  Overall, I thought she did pretty well... but, it helps to not have high expectations! lol

Brady watched every second of the game. Thankfully, we won and even got to see several homeruns.  Drew was somewhere in between the other two.  He watched for a while, then got bored and shared the ipad with Mallory.  He asked for ice cream about 18 times, and I finally told him he wouldn't be getting any if he asked again :p

As hard as it is to believe, I was already able to put a layout together from the game! I opted to leave my good camera at home, so all these pics were taken with my phone.  Nothing stellar, but they certainly captured the memories.

 Batter up - Penny Springmann
Bases Loaded - Jady Day Studios & Julie Billingsley
2 many photos 60 - Janet Phillips

The other great thing (besides getting it done!) is that I didn't purchase anything new to make it :)  Bryan would be proud.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Oklahoma Aquarium

Under the Sea - Kristin Cronin-Barrow & Julie Billingsley
Beach Kids - Underwater by Lliella designs
Scrapping with Liz - mix and match double templates 2

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Trip layouts

I have so much to scrap from the last couple months that it's overwhelming! I finally decided to just pick something and get started :)

Cannonball by Traci Reed
fiddle dee dee designs - fuss free Vegas strip templates
Blissful stitches - Traci Reed

Monday, June 18, 2012

Oklahoma City

After a few days in Tulsa, we made our way to Edmond, OK.  Bryan's childhood friend Greg and his family live there.  We stayed at their house the first two nights and let the kids run around together.  The day we arrived, Carson had his last baseball game of the season.  We decided to all go, and literally five minutes after we got there, they made an announcement - "Will the parents of Mallory Dinkel please come to the concession stand?"  Apparently she thought she was lost, even though we were on the field right next to the concession stand. lol  The ironic thing is that I had just been working with the boys about learning my cell phone number and making sure Mallory knew her full name - apparently it sunk in!  She wasn't traumatized in the least, probably because they gave her some candy :p

Our first full day there both Greg and Leslie had to work, so Bryan and I took the kids (just our own, lol) to the zoo.  It was hot, but not nearly as bad as it is here!  There's much more of a breeze, and we were fortunate to discover lots of air conditioned areas at the zoo :)

The next day, we all went to the Science Museum.  We saw the Science Live! show which I thought was very entertaining.  Right off the bat, the guy running the show needed an adult volunteer and he picked Bryan.  The boys thought that was the greatest thing ever.  After that, we let all the kids explore for a couple hours and left with some fun painted faces.  That evening, we stayed in a hotel downtown with a neat family pool.  We left the next morning and made a quick stop by Turner Falls on the way home.

Here are the pics -

Sunday, June 17, 2012


We spent last week in Oklahoma visiting with some friends.  Our first stop was Tulsa.  We shared a hotel suite with Julie, Zack and Jeffrey - friends of ours from our current neighborhood that moved to St. Louis.  The first day, we took the kids to see Madagascar 3 and let them swim at the hotel pool.  The boys all loved the movie, but Mallory decided she wasn't interested in watching it... no idea why because she was excited about it when we had talked about it before.  Oh well!  We also took a trip to the local aquarium and Tulsa Air and Space Museum.  Bryan and Brady went to a Tulsa Drillers baseball game our last night in town, while Julie and I stayed at the hotel with the rest of the kids.

Here is a link to the pics -

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Moving on...

I just finished up my last layout from our trip to Seattle. I promised myself I wouldn't get sidetracked and work on anything else until I did so! Of course, then I realized that Father's Day is coming up quick and I won't have access to my computer for the next week, so I did have to sidetrack a bit :)

I ended up with 5 layouts... not bad for a five day trip, I say! I'm also including a few photos in my Project Life pages - I wanted to squeeze in a few more pics without taking the time to plan out and complete another layout (or two).  Here are the ones I haven't shared -

San Juan Island, left
Lakeside Retreat - Kristin Cronin-Barrow
Cindy Schneider template - burst of fun 2

San Juan Island, right
Lakeside Retreat - Kristin Cronin-Barrow
Cindy Schneider template - half pack 41

Rainy Day in Seattle
Raindrops keep Falling - Kristin Cronin-Barrow
Cindy Schneider template - set 107

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Day with Grandma

My mom came on Sunday - we took the kids to Galveston to see some of the sand castles that were still standing from the competition on East Beach the day before.  I think they enjoyed walking in the sand and getting their feet wet as much as they did seeing the actual castles.  It's hard for kids to be impressed because they have no idea the work that went into them!

Mallory wanted no part of the seaweed that was
EVERYWHERE! I carried her over it to get to the water.

After Galveston, we decided to spend the rest of the day at Kemah.  We ate lunch at the Aquarium - they really do have good food there. I can't ever remember ordering anything I didn't care for, and there is always the bonus of the fish tanks to occupy the kids' attention.  From there, we walked around and the kids played a few games.  Thankfully, there were some where you were guaranteed a prize!

Mallory is still carrying around the dolphin and frog she won there :)

After some games, each kid got to pick two things to ride.
I was surprised that Drew picked the ferris wheel as one of his.

Brady was a little more adventurous - esp. since the last
time he visited Kemah was with some kids his own 
age at a birthday party.  They rode many things he had
never been on before.  Today, this was one of his choices -

We were all hot and tired by the middle of the afternoon.  I definitely won't set foot there again until the weather is cooler, you know, six months from now. lol

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy "bird"day Drew!

Drew's birthday isn't until next month, but we had his party last night to be sure that his best buddies from school could make it.  There were 9 kids total (including 3 of my own!), and I learned a valuable lesson.  That lesson is... having a party on the last day of school is NOT a good idea. lol  I survived (and so did the house), but let me tell you - the kids were hyped up!!  I was wondering to myself why a simple game of treasure (angry bird egg) hunt was so crazy and then it dawned on me :p

Regardless, Drew had a good time, so that's all that really matters!

Found out later that Brady had been practicing - the
poster was on the wall a couple days before the party.
Well, at least he's resourceful!

Drew wanted a cookie cake -
who am I to argue? Yum!

We did a couple games inside the house, had cake
and ice cream, then opened presents.  I knew once we
headed outside to play angry birds, trying to get them 
back in would probably be futile.

Each kid got to take home a bird or pig as part 
of their goodie bag (in case you didn't see the pic
on facebook, I bought the balls at the dollar store
and then painted the faces)

Mallory had just as much fun as the boys and
could often be caught reminding them of the rules :)