Sunday, June 24, 2012

Go Astros!

We took Mallory to her first Astros game today.  She did about as I expected - paid almost no attention at all to the game, but occupied herself with snacks, her sticker book, and the ipad.  Overall, I thought she did pretty well... but, it helps to not have high expectations! lol

Brady watched every second of the game. Thankfully, we won and even got to see several homeruns.  Drew was somewhere in between the other two.  He watched for a while, then got bored and shared the ipad with Mallory.  He asked for ice cream about 18 times, and I finally told him he wouldn't be getting any if he asked again :p

As hard as it is to believe, I was already able to put a layout together from the game! I opted to leave my good camera at home, so all these pics were taken with my phone.  Nothing stellar, but they certainly captured the memories.

 Batter up - Penny Springmann
Bases Loaded - Jady Day Studios & Julie Billingsley
2 many photos 60 - Janet Phillips

The other great thing (besides getting it done!) is that I didn't purchase anything new to make it :)  Bryan would be proud.

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