Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Drew is 6!

Started off his day with a donut - yum!

 We dropped Mallory off at Karen's house to play, then headed
to the movies to see Spiderman in 3D.  It was a long movie, but
Drew muscled through.  He fell asleep in the car almost
immediately after we left :)

 Presents! I let him open one present this morning, then he
asked for the rest of the day to open the others.  We had to
wait for Daddy to get home, though!

Could it be? It is - his very own itouch!! All the kids seemed
excited about this... I'm sure Brady thinks Drew will share. lol

Dinner out - he picked BJ's after I mentioned this dessert...

Tomorrow, both sets of grandparents are coming over for dinner and to give Drew his presents.  He's looking forward to it :)

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