Sunday, July 1, 2012

IT'Z aka Incredible Pizza

Julie and family were in town this weekend.  They had a function to attend on Saturday, but they spent Thursday night and Friday at our house.  I decided it would be fun to go to IT'Z in Pasadena.  We had Drew's birthday party there back when it was Incredible Pizza, and have been there a handful of times since... but not since last summer.  The big draw for the boys is the indoor go karts.  Brady and Zack were both tall enough to drive their own, while Drew and Mallory rode with Julie and me.

Her first time in a go kart - pretty exciting!

Bumper cars are always fun, too! Drew BARELY 
slipped in on the height requirement. lol

We've got a fun week ahead! Drew's birthday, the holiday, and a trip to Palm Beach are all on the agenda.  Bryan is only scheduled to work Monday and Tuesday, so hopefully that goes as planned - fingers crossed!

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