Thursday, July 5, 2012


Some fun candles on Drew's cake... they sparkled a bit - enough that he backed away in his chair.  It took him many tries to blow them out, but he finally did it! No telling how much spit landed on the cake, though. lol

This was the kids' first time with sparklers.  They were 
fine with the 3 ft. long ones, but wanted no part of 
the shorter ones... pretty much what I expected!

I had fun playing around my camera :)  Good thing I had it set up and ready to go because I doubt we were outside more than 10 minutes.  Brady managed to burn his foot (not sure if a piece fell off, he stepped on something, or what), and the mosquitos were HORRIBLE!  We had several torches burning, but it didn't seem to help.  Brady reported 15 bites on one leg this morning.  I'm sure at least a few were old, but most of those were from last night :(

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