Monday, July 23, 2012

The "real" circus

We took the kids to see the Ringling Brothers circus yesterday.  As always, it's fairly cheap to get in, but everything there costs a fortune!  I try to remind myself that we only go the circus once a year, so it's not the end of the world. lol

Must have - a light up spin toy to annoy everyone around you
(mainly just dad, lol)

Just what we need - more swords! Notice I didn't say no, though.

Brady's favorite - setting this guy on fire, then launching
him from the catapult

$10 snocone

Mallory said everything was her favorite, but
I think the snocone and her new toy stood out to 
her more than any of the acts!

I think my favorite was the elephants...

Actually, my favorite is probably this layout I just finished!  This circus kit came out a couple months ago, and I was so excited about it :)  It's fortunate that I was able to use it twice, too.

At the big top - Traci Reed
Cindy Schneider - single 17
color spectrum alpha - Julie Billingsley

same as above, but a different Cindy template (trio pack 1)

On the way home yesterday, Brady was already planning another circus at home.  I'm curious to see if he loses interest or if we're in for another performance!

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